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How to quickly understand which brand of 3d printer is good

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With the development of the 3D printing industry getting better and better, more and more companies and individual players pay attention to this industry, because the tool of 3D printer is of great help to them, and 3D printers are gradually recognized in China.

In the domestic market, many 3D printers on the market occupy the entire market. From the outside, there are large, small, closed and open, and the price is also different, and the function and use environment are also different. So how to choose a 3D printer brand? Look at the suggestions below.

brand of 3d printer is good

When the printer manufacturer was founded:

Since FDM-type 3D printers are not very stable at present, it is necessary to purchase quality-guaranteed machines. I personally think that time and reputation are the best inspections. The current technical threshold of FDM is actually not high, nothing more than Look at which manufacturer is more serious, and which manufacturer has experienced a relatively long time. Since time can precipitate many technologies and solutions for a company, it is recommended that you look at the time when the manufacturer was established. The production history can prove the manufacturer Because of the cruel time competition, if it is not done well, it will be eliminated soon.

Printer manufacturer after-sales maintenance service:

As mentioned above, most FDM manufacturers have corresponding problems with machine stability, so after-sales service is inevitable. Therefore, after-sales maintenance service is very important. One is the response speed of after-sales service and the other is the warranty time. This is a big problem. Generally, manufacturers send parts to users, and users repair them themselves (the manufacturer provides remote technical support). Therefore, when purchasing, ask the manufacturer’s after-sales service personnel and after-sales service tutorials. Program.

Address of manufacturer:

As mentioned in the previous point, the current after-sales maintenance services are all mail repairs. Due to the scale of operation and profitability of FDM manufacturers, they cannot support the on-site service of every user unless the user is willing to pay a fee for on-site service. Therefore, when choosing, it is best to choose a manufacturer close to you, and find that manufacturer to set up a service point in the user’s local area.

Product R&D strength of printer manufacturers:

Nowadays, many manufacturers don’t pay much attention to product research and development. They want to make quick money. They can transfer goods from other manufacturers to OEM, or use a variety of parts to assemble. Maybe there is no problem at present, but in the long run In other words, companies that value product research and development can develop better and provide better upgrade services for subsequent products.

brand of 3d printer is good

Machine printer cost performance

This is also very important, because anyone buying a machine will have a corresponding cost bud get and main purpose. If it is only used for self-experience and play, it will not affect the work, and it is enough to buy a cheap 3D printer. . If it is used for work or to create profit, it is recommended to buy relatively high quality assurance, because you get what you pay for. I believe that the little friends who have finished reading, know how to choose a 3D printer brand.

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