ET4 pro 3d printer test report
Easy to use and inexpensive ET4 pro 3d printer test report
August 1, 2020
Advantages of LCD 3D printer
Advantages of Anet LCD 3D Printer
August 3, 2020

How much are N4 3d printer and N7 3d printer?

3D printer in medical applications

In recent years, major media have exposed 3D printing technology more and more frequently, and ordinary people have become more and more aware of it. Even many people have purchased desktop devices at home to print various models, decorations and so on. So, how much is a 3D printer? Is it expensive? Is this another tool for local tyrants to show off their wealth?

Below, Anet will give you a brief introduction. How much is the price of 3D printers for various types of purposes?

1. Desktop 3D printer

The so-called desktop 3D printer, as the name implies, is a small 3D printer that can be placed on the desktop. This type of device has the advantages of small size and simple operation. It is understood that the desktop devices currently on the market generally use 3D printing molding technologies such as FDM, SLA, DLP, and products based on different molding technologies have great price differences.

Easy to use and inexpensive ET4 pro 3d printer test report

2. FDM series desktop 3D printer

At present, desktop 3D printers based on FDM (fused deposition) molding technology are the cheapest. Take the Anet A8Plus 3D printer as an example. The current market price of this device is only RMB 2,000 per unit. It has many technical advantages, namely It meets the desire of “beginners” to learn 3D printing technology at low cost, and also meets the needs of individual players for higher 3D printing performance.

1. ET series desktop 3D printer

Compared with FDM-type equipment, desktop 3D printers based on light-curing molding technology have the advantages of micron-level ultra-high printing accuracy and very smooth and delicate model surfaces, so the price is much higher than the former. Take Anet’s new-generation light-curing 3D printer N4 3D printer as an example. This core component uses imported high-precision accessories 3D printer equipment. The current market price is about RMB 1,999, which can be used in daily necessities, jewelry, handwork and other fields.

2. Industrial 3D printer

The so-called industrial-grade 3D printer equipment is simply equipment that can be used in industrial production. At present, the industrial-grade equipment on the market uses more 3D printing molding technology and higher technical content, and its price is much higher than that of desktop equipment. Below we introduce printing consumables into two categories.

3. Non-metallic consumables

Industrial-grade 3D printer equipment that uses non-metallic consumables is mainly used in the fields of model and mold design. The available molding technologies include FDM, SLA, DLP and other molding technologies. Although the price of FDM molding technology is still the lowest, the price is much higher than that of desktop devices. Take the large-size AnetN7 3D printer as an example. The price of the equipment is about 10,000 yuan, while the market price of SLA/DLP type industrial equipment is as high as hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

4. Metal consumables

Metal 3D printers that can directly print metal consumables can use many molding technologies, including selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, direct metal powder laser sintering (DMLS) technology, selective laser melting (SLM) technology, and laser net shaping (LENS) technology and electron beam selective area melting (EBSM) technology, etc.

Due to the characteristics of metal 3D printers that can directly print metal products, it is not only the most promising 3D printing technology in the future, but also the most expensive. At present, the cheapest industrial-grade metal 3D printers on the market cost hundreds of thousands of yuan each, and high-end equipment can sell for millions, even tens of millions of units are not uncommon!

The above is the price information of 3D printer equipment shared by Anet3d. I believe you are interested in the price of a 3D printer. For more accurate information, please consult Anet’s customer service.

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