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August 1, 2020
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August 1, 2020

Easy to use and inexpensive ET4 pro 3d printer test report

ET4 pro 3d printer test report

In 2019, a friend who started a business was making DIY electromechanical accessories. He once asked me if there is any easy-to-use and inexpensive 3D printer for proofing and trial production of fasteners in radiators. After recommending it, it was a pity that the price was far beyond the budget, and it did not help; the situation at that time was that my friend had already bought a 3D printer, but it was not enough due to poor stability and low efficiency. . This time I tried the Anet ET4Pro 3D printer. I think if I tested this one earlier, then I would recommend this one to him.

ET4 pro 3d printer test report

Stable quality, easy to use, not expensive ET4Pro 3D printer trial

The Anet ET4Pro 3D printer adopts a hardware design of parts packaged and transported, and then assembled after delivery. This method is more common in low-priced FDM 3D printers. However, the gantry and base frame of Anet ET4Pro3D have been assembled. The installation does not need to start from scratch, and it saves most of the time.

ET4 pro 3d printer test report

The detailed installation steps can refer to our installation video, which basically means installing screws, connecting cables, installing consoles and consumables, etc. There are no too complicated steps. Based on past experience, friends who have never used a 3D printer can basically assemble within an hour according to the guide, and start printing when everything is ready; friends who have used a 3D printer are more familiar with the components, and the installation and setting are completed within half an hour It’s enough.

Use all metal profiles as the body frame

The Anet ET4Pro 3D printer has a special design. It uses all-metal profiles as the body frame to reduce shaking during the printing process and ensure printing accuracy; two beveled pillars are added between the bottom frame and the gantry to make the composition more stable. The triangular structure further improves the stability of the fuselage frame; the standard print head assembly adopts the remote feeding, and the Titan proximal extruded assembly can be purchased, which can not only print PLA but also TPU material; adopts all metal feed Feeding materials and extrusion components are more stable and printing quality is improved.

ET4 pro 3d printer test report

Print head assembly Optional Titan assembly for proximal extrusion

In addition, the console and the 3D printer host adopt a split design, 350 watts regulated power supply to improve heating efficiency, and the console is placed next to the 3D printer to adjust the direction and angle, making it easier to operate. In addition, the reference data shows that the print head assembly adopts a two-way butterfly wing heat dissipation design, which makes the heat dissipation more uniform and reduces the overflow of the plug. The heat dissipation efficiency is increased by 55%, and the printing accuracy is increased by 10%, thereby achieving a better molding effect.

ET4 pro 3d printer test report

Console module with integrated power supply, operation panel and consumable rack

The feeding component supports material interruption detection, and the printer supports the function of continuous printing after power failure, which improves the printing success rate; the printing base plate is carbon crystal silicon glass, with a layer of film on it to improve adhesion, printing is not easy to warp and it is easier to remove the model. The leveling method is manual leveling of A4 paper, which is common in traditional FDM 3D printers, using four-point leveling mode; it can also be equipped with automatic leveling mode, which allows buyers to choose flexibly according to their budget. The printing method adopts SD card offline printing.

ET4 pro 3d printer test report

Leveling knob under the printing platform

Finally, the size of this desktop 3D printer, which does not seem to be large, has reached 300*300*400mm, which is quite large among desktop FDM models, which is unexpected. The reason should be that it omits the shell, which greatly reduces the space occupied by the 3D printer, and of course the visual effect is much smaller.

ET4 pro 3d printer test report

The nominal molding size has reached 300*300*400mm

Including holiday promotions, the price is just over three thousand yuan.In terms of price, the Anet ET4Pro 3D printer is priced at 3,488 yuan, which is basically in the early 3,000 yuan when it comes to holiday promotions. It is a low-threshold, cost-effective desktop FDM 3D printer.

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