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July 31, 2020
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July 31, 2020

ET4X3d printer uses “3D imaging + AI” technology

ET4X 3d printer

As the first year of the industry, on February 21st, the 2019 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry event TCT Asia was held in Shanghai as scheduled. This exhibition attracted more than 280 companies in the additive industry and more than a thousand professional visitors. At the same time, it has attracted the attention of industry manufacturers, distributors, scientific research institutes and other practitioners.

ET4X 3d printer

At this exhibition, Xi’an Zhixiang Optoelectronics, a well-known domestic R&D and production company for intelligent 3D imaging products, released a hard technology product developed based on its “3D imaging + AI” core technology-the new generation of portable 3D Android scanner FingoS1. Focusing on the industry, more than 60 cooperation intentions were reached at the exhibition site alone.

It is understood that the founding team of Xi’an Zhixiang Optoelectronics was born in Xi’an Jiaotong University, and the technology capital team came from scientific research units such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Xi’an Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research products involve 3D smart scanners, 3D smart cameras, etc. Related products have been widely used in science, education, medical treatment, industrial inspection and other fields. The team is committed to becoming a “3D imaging + AI” core technology innovation service provider and a machine vision artificial intelligence hardware and system supplier, while providing customers with industry-leading cost-effective solutions and services.

ET4X 3d printer

As a blockbuster product released at this exhibition, Anet 3D is the first portable 3D smart creative terminal known in the industry. Zhou Xiang, the founder of Zhixiang Optoelectronics, said that using “3D modeling + artificial intelligence” technology, Anet 3D can assist campuses in better carrying out information technology practice activities. The product is equipped with a 7.0-inch ultra-thin flatbed scanner, with embedded computing capabilities and “cloud” computing storage technology, which can scan anytime and anywhere, and output 3D models with clear textures and realistic colors.

In terms of product performance, Anet 3D realizes “cloud” computing and storage. The embedded computing capability drives the model through algorithms, which can make three-dimensional fun design more intelligent. The device has a built-in 3D fun and creative APP, equipped with a 6-core processor, and a body memory of up to 64G, which can satisfy users to update and scan the installation package online, and process data anytime and anywhere. In terms of product form, the Anet 3D is light, thin and portable, with a simple and stylish appearance. It is only 15mm thick and 520g heavy. It is equipped with a 7-inch high-definition touch screen, 0.1mm high precision, and comes with color texture maps. It can realize 10-second calibration, fast scanning, and automatic fusion splicing.

ET4X 3d printer

Compared with traditional scanners, this product gets rid of the constraints of field and PC wiring, and the circuit design is extremely simplified to support outdoor operations. Zhou Xiang introduced that Anet 3D has realized tablet operation, easy to learn and use, lowers the barriers to AR/VR content production technology, effectively liberates basic modeling productivity, helps cultivate students’ ability to focus on creativity and practice, and make them enjoyable. The fun of 3D technology creativity. At the same time, Anet 3D can be used for multiple purposes in one machine, and it can provide 1080P high-definition Android projection and unlimited download of massive resources.

It can be said that FingoS1 3D Android Portable Scanner is the first 3D smart creative terminal that truly belongs to VR/AR geeks. It not only achieves the technological beauty of consumer electronics in product form, but also surpasses traditional desk scan products in terms of performance indicators.

Several times, a high degree of integration and strong applicability are all derived from the technology accumulation of the Anet 3D team in the “3D imaging + AI” field for more than ten years. In the future, it is expected to derive a richer and more practical landing in the 5G era. The scene becomes a hard technology product that enters thousands of households and truly serves life.

Zhou Xiang finally revealed that in addition to satisfying application scenarios such as maker education, gaming and entertainment, FingoS1 is not only an upstream modeling tool for 3D printing, but also data access for consumer-level e-commerce display, personalized customization, and AR/VR creation.

And computing terminals can also provide a cost-effective overall solution for customized design users. For example, it has been used in 3D e-commerce scenarios such as footwear and clothing customization and dental beauty. At the same time, through the layout of the industry trends in the next five years and the analysis of the application possibilities of future portable 3D scanners, Anet 3D is expected to benefit more civilian markets as a hard technology of 3D printing.

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