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The application of 3D scanner on 3D printer

3D scanner on 3D printer

Did you know that 3D scanning can be a way to start a 3D printing project? In fact, we can build a three-dimensional model of the object by using 3D modeling software or by using 3D scanning equipment. If you are interested in 3D printing, then you may be curious about the working principle of 3D scanning applied to 3D printers.

3D scanner on 3D printer

What is 3D scanning?

3D scanning is the process of analyzing objects from the real world and collecting all the data in order to digitally reconstruct their shape and appearance. This process can help you serve as the basis for the 3D project you are about to develop, and it can also be used to reconstruct, analyze or simulate ideas..

3D scanner on 3D printer

3D scanning can be applied to different machines according to requirements. You may not know that it can create digital versions of real objects in different ways. There are many types of 3D scanning, but today, we will focus on three of them: laser 3D scanning, photogrammetry and structured light scanning. By understanding the working principles of these three 3D scanning, you can help your project to better choose the corresponding 3D scanning technology.

3D scanner on 3D printer

Laser 3D scanning

Laser 3D scanning is undoubtedly the most commonly used 3D scanning technology. Use a laser to digitally capture the shape of an object to obtain the form of a real object. These 3D scanners can measure very fine details and capture free shapes to generate high-precision point clouds. This laser scanning technology is very suitable for measuring and inspecting complex geometric shapes. It can obtain measurement data from traditional methods. A laser-based scanner is a bit like a camera. It can only capture the content in its field of view. Through this process, laser dots or lines are projected from the device onto the object, and the sensor measures the distance to the surface of the object. By processing these data, it can be converted into a triangular mesh, and then converted into a CAD model.

3D scanner on 3D printer

Photogrammetry refers to a technique that uses a combination of cameras and film to measure the shape, size and spatial position of an object. This method uses the parallax between several pictures taken from different viewpoints. Photogrammetry can be used to record complex 2D and 3D sports fields. It imitates the effect of human binocular stereo vision and is used to obtain all the information of existing physical objects. In fact, this process collects data about the shape, volume, and depth of the subject you are trying to scan.

Structured light scanning

Using this structured light scanning method, in the previous scanning method, a camera position is used, and then different light patterns are projected on the surface of the object to record the object’s distorted pattern to create a 3D scan. The structured light scanning is usually used in the field of facial or environmental recognition.

3D scanner on 3D printer

How to use 3D scanning?

3D scanning is an important basis for a quick start project. If you only want to create existing objects, then 3D scanning can help you create 3D printing models faster and easier. After you have a 3D model, you can even add and modify it until you are satisfied.

What are the applications of these 3D scans?

The medical department uses 3D scanning technology to help create measurement prostheses for patients. Similarly, the use of 3D scanning is also very popular in the dental field, such as the use of braces, implants and dentures; applying 3D scanning to 3D printers can reduce the creation time of models; and even in the future we can also use inventory data Use 3D scanning to repair ancient artifacts and more. With the continuous development and innovation of 3D scanning technology, it is believed that 3D scanning will be applied in more fields in the near future.

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