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July 28, 2020
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Anet ET4 3d printer can also print candy

Anet ET4 3d printer

For 3D printing enthusiasts who like to eat sweets, Anet ET4 and Anet ET4Pro 3D printers are the products of choice.

On January 13, 2020, 3D printer printing candy will enter the market through cooperation with other companies this year. To get more information, Anet 3d spoke with the vice president of business development. Anet ET4 is very suitable for one of the 3D printing candy printers. The technology of this product is based on 3D Systems’ adhesive spraying process. The adhesive jet technology was originally developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Anet 3d obtained permission to deposit liquid adhesive into a powder bed to construct objects layer by layer. In 2017, Anet 3d perfected the technology by integrating a full-color print head to create a dynamic and colorful 3D model.

Anet ET4 3d printer
Anet ET4 3d printer

With the help of 3D Systems, you can 3D print rainbow candy with interesting complex shapes. Although consumers may not be familiar with the name, North American bakery and food service operators will certainly recognize it.

Anet 3d began to cooperate with 3D Systems in 2017 to achieve a leap from pastries and fillings to food 3D printing. Although 3D Systems focuses on the technical development of software and hardware, Brill has developed seasoning powders and liquid adhesives. The partners will jointly launch Anet 3D Culinary Studio powered by 3D Systems this summer.

   Kyle von Hasseln, Director of Food Technology at 3D Systems, said: “When the Anet 3d food 3D printer is launched this summer, it will become the most advanced food 3D printer ever; capable of printing dozens or hundreds of colors simultaneously with amazing details Objects. After a lot of research and invention to reach the current state, I am very happy to see that this technology finally fell into the hands of chefs, they will undoubtedly promote the rapid development of cooking technology.”

Anet ET4 3d printer

   With Anet 3d’s existing customer relationships in the food industry, it will be able to bring 3D cooking studios to chefs and other culinary artists in high-end restaurants, casinos, hotels, theme parks, cruise ships and catering companies. Kitty explained that his team expects customers to use the technology in one of two ways: to produce larger exhibits that will not be consumed; or to display or smaller edible exhibits.

In addition to spraying liquid binder into the powder bed to provide a complete range of colors in any print, Anet 3d has also developed a variety of seasoning powders that can provide a variety of options for chefs. The taste varies from strawberry or watermelon to cucumber. Kitty told us: “We have worked with chefs to study the use of 3D printed savoury foods in soups. This is indeed what we think is unique to a particular solution: the system will not only produce incredibly beautiful pieces , And will also provide our customers and consumers with an amazing and complete sensory experience-from visual to texture to the entire diet experience. In terms of providing the authenticity of the flavor, our development in powder flavor is excellent.”

Anet 3d Printer

Customers can also access 150 to 200 3D model libraries. If they want to customize the design, they will be able to access the 3D design service developed specifically for Anet 3d Culinary Studio to model their concepts at a small cost. Then keep the model. Through the training provided by Anet 3d, customers will be able to change colors in the software, personalize the design or add a company logo to the design.

  Kitty said: “One thing we learned from user testing is that when people initially assumed that a 3D printer was difficult to use or understand, they were pleasantly surprised by its ease of use. What we really want to try is to let culinary artists handle art , Let us deal with the technical aspects of things and let you easily make anything you can imagine.”

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