3D printing technology
3D printing technology that is based on it for design of metal casting gate
July 28, 2020
Anet ET4 3d printer
Anet ET4 3d printer can also print candy
July 28, 2020

Analysis of the pain points of the development of China’s 3D printing industry

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3D printing technology originated in the late last century, China’s first industrial-grade 3D printing equipment was developed in the early 1990s, then called rapid prototyping machine. 3D printing is different from the traditional way of cutting materials. It uses additive manufacturing technology, which has the characteristics of rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing. It has great advantages in industrial production, especially the production of non-standard parts.

anet3d printer
anet3d printer

Because 3D printing can manufacture complex products in industrial production, greatly shorten the production cycle, and simplify manufacturing skills, it has a major impact on the industrial field. After the development of the 3D printing industry, it has now covered various fields such as automobiles, engines, medical, aerospace, and machinery.

From the perspective of the distribution of the 3D industry, upstream is a 3D printing material that can be silky, liquefied, and powdered, midstream is printing equipment and various laser rapid prototyping equipment, and downstream is applied in various fields. 3D printed products have been commercialized: in the field of automotive safety testing, some components printed with 3D technology have been able to meet the needs of safety testing, and the cost of testing has been reduced while the automotive industry is pursuing efficiency; In the field of architecture, 3D printing of various models has been achieved. Its low cost, speed of molding, and exquisite production have been promoted in the construction industry; in the field of medicine, 3D printing technology is now used to achieve the imitation of human bones, and With the advancement of technology, it is possible to print out biologically active human tissues in the future.

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According to the statistics of the “China 3D Printing Industry Report” of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, it is expected that the market size of the global 3D printing industry will reach US$11 billion by 2021.

In the future, the driving force for the development of the 3D printing industry will mainly come from the fields of civil sector, military manufacturing and mold design. From the perspective of market demand, the entire 3D printing industry will have huge room for development: the popularity of desktop-level 3D printers will spur a broad market space in leveraging mass entertainment and consumer demand; and the development of China’s aerospace military industry The advancement of the localization of aircraft manufacturing and the acceleration of nuclear power engineering construction will also provide space for the development of the 3D printing industry with rapid prototyping advantages; and in the industrial field of mass production of various products, the accuracy of molds and production efficiency are extremely high High requirements, so 3D printing equipment will become an important configuration in the industrial field.

Anet 3d Printer
anet3d printer

Although the 3D printing industry has broad development prospects, from the perspective of the development status of China’s 3D printing industry, it is not satisfactory. First, China’s 3D printing industry lacks specialized material production and supply; secondly, because 3D printing equipment is often used in the field of precision machinery, 3D printing equipment is required to meet extremely high standards in terms of stability and accuracy, but China’s 3D printing The cooperation between the equipment manufacturing industry and the software development field does not fully match, so the currently produced 3D printing equipment still has major drawbacks; furthermore, since 3D printing equipment needs to have supporting digital tools and good design software, China 3D At present, the printing industry mainly concentrates resources on the opening of downstream markets, and has not done enough in terms of information technology.

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