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July 28, 2020
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July 28, 2020

3D printing helps blind people draw “blessings”


opening up the channel between knowledge and visual impairment

During the Spring Festival, in response to the invitation of volunteers from Tianjin Xinmu Theater, Polytechnic University, and Kunming Road community, Anet 3d relied on a robotic robot, a 3d printer, to help more than 10 blind friends from the community write blessing characters. At the scene, volunteers helped blind friends touch the 3D printed three-dimensional Fu character and feel the structure of the Fu character, and helped blind friends to lay out felt and paper, guide correct pen holding and preliminary exercises. Calligraphers and volunteers led the blind friends to write the blessing characters and couplets on the ipad connected to the 3d printer, and then simulated the writing by the printer to bring the Spring Festival blessings to the blind friends.

3D printing helps blind

3D printing technology has a very good effect in helping blind friends to understand the world. Let’s take a look at some cases at home and abroad. In 2015, a British company created the “Invisible Art” project, printing 3D models of world famous paintings, intended to provide a unique experience for blind people to appreciate classic artworks through touch.

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No matter where in the world, as long as you have a 3D printer, you can print the model. Da Vinci’s classic masterpiece “Mona Lisa” is the first art work to be released in the form of a 3D model, and has been provided free of charge to visually impaired people to experience this type of art, making up for the inability to experience these classic masterpieces.In a YouTube video, a blind female named Riikka touched the facial features of the Mona Lisa model, while heartily lamenting its subtleties, saying that this wonderful experience inspired her strong Curiosity.

3D printing helps blind

In July 2019, the Yuan Bin scientific research team in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province developed the first 3D printed blind relief book in China. Blind book is a key factor restricting blind education. Currently, blind book is a paper bump type, which is subject to aluminum plate imprinting technology. Restrictions can only achieve simple 2D illustrations such as dotted convex lines, which has qualitative defects for blind people to understand the 3D shape of objects. Now Yuan Bin’s research team uses 3D modeling-3D printing technology to develop the first 3D printed embossed book for blind people in China, which makes the blind book embossed. In the future, blind people can touch 3D shapes when learning object knowledge.

This embossed book is about the subject of heavy physical work, to make up for the blind person’s cognitive defect that it is difficult to understand the working posture by touching the body. At the top of the cover is the international Braille for “Labor”, capitalized in the first word. As a test product, the first embossed book has few page numbers and only 4 pages of content, which are the labor postures of the workers to the front, back, up and down objects. This relief book requires volunteers, relatives and friends of the blind to give an auxiliary explanation to the blind.

3D printing helps blind

In January 2020, Beijing student charity organization Joiner studio successfully provided a large number of blind teaching aids for visually impaired students in Beijing. Students said that 3D printed teaching aids are very useful. They have real feelings through touch, they can quickly make model gestures by imitation, and then practice repeatedly to establish the connection between sign language and abstract concepts.

3D printing Chinese map teaching props

Visually impaired education is a part of special education. A large number of visually impaired schools lack durable, fine and customized teaching aids. Because of the large number of funds and the demand for small amounts, most teaching aids are handmade by teachers. , Joiner studio through FDM3D printing technology, provides students with a large number of 3D printing teaching aids, open a door for students to understand the world. It is understood that at present, Joiner studio is responsible for planning and organizing the activities of teaching aids for students. It is mainly composed of senior one to senior three students from the International Department of Beijing Fourth Middle School and the Second Affiliated International Department of Beijing Normal University. The students use 3D printers as visually impaired students make teaching aids.to sum up.

3D printing helps blind

Because 3D printing technology has advantages in customization, it is especially suitable for blind people to recognize the world. The original two-dimensional knowledge on the plane can be converted into three-dimensional knowledge that can be touched by hand through 3D printing, as if it has opened up the path of visual impairment. Moreover, 3D printing greatly reduces the cost of customization, without the need for mold production. It can be said that it can be played as you want, as you use it, and it can play the subjective initiative and enthusiasm of the participants.

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