Anet 3d Printer
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July 15, 2020

Anet 3d launches A8 Plus printer

Anet 3d Printer

Time is passing, always silent. In an instant, half of 2020 will pass. In the first half of this year, hot spots often appeared in the field of 3D printing, and some popular products were particularly eye-catching. Next, let’s take a look at which products are available (statistics are incomplete)!

Anet 3d launches A8 Plus 3D printer in full color, suitable for office use

In early 2020, Anet 3d launched its new PolyJet system J826 at 2020 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020. In April, Anet 3d launched a new A8Plus 3D printer, which helps product design teams perform fast, full-color, office-friendly 3D printing equipment.
Anet 3d series printers are capable of high temperature 3D printing and are designed for high performance thermoplastics (including PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM, polycarbonate, etc.). Customers can use the system to meet various application requirements. For example, users can 3D print parts that are resistant to chemicals, extreme temperatures and strong mechanical stress.

A8 Plus 3d printer

Researchers have developed a handheld biological 3D printer for treating large areas of skin burns.

In February of this year, researchers at the Anet 3d Science Center developed a handheld device that can biologically 3D print new skin that can heal wounds. It should be understood that the device is described as a “hand-held 3D printer”, which can deposit a material formed by biological ink covering the wound, which helps accelerate the skin healing process.

The Anet 3d multi-material metal 3D printer produces two-component metals and installs a two-powder spreading device that can spread two different metal powders simultaneously in the SLM laser powder bed melting device. Therefore, users can manufacture two-component metal 3D printed parts.

A8 Plus 3d printer

The Anet 3d printer installed products in the Anet complete three-dimensional system (Anet three-dimensional high-precision ceramic 3D printer) to expand research and batch printing. At present, the entire Fraunhofer Institute uses five A8 Plus 3d high-precision ceramic 3D printers that Anet has just developed.

Anet 3d Ltd. was established in 2015. At present, Anet has released the A8 Plus printer. From a design point of view, the M3DIMAKER system has alternating nozzles and can use FDM technology and direct powder extrusion technology to manufacture pills. In addition, multi-function printers ensure security and reliability by using a data matrix reader and fingerprint access control.

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