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Anet 3D printer A8M Double nozzle

Listing Date: 2018-03-03

1.Cost-effective performance with dual extruder,free to swith printing from single color to double color 

2.Temperature detection protection device will start when the temperature is too high or not 

4. Simple and suitable for DIY customers   

5. 0.1mm printing layer thickness

6. Delivery belt buckle button,button can be tightened belt when it is loose 

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ModelA8MXY Axis Position Presicion0.012mm
ColorBlack/transparentZ Axis Position Presicion0.004mm
StructureAcrylic frame typePrintable FilamentsABS,PLA,HIPS, etc
Nozzle2Filament Diameter(mm)1.75
Printable Size220*220*240mmRecommended FilamentPLA
Printing Resolution±0.1-0.2mmLanguageEnglish
Layer Thickness0.1-0.4mm Data Input FormatSTL、OBJ、JPG
Online/Offline PrintingbothData Output FormatGco、Gcode
LCD Display2004pingMoulding Suppport AutomaticallyYES
Movement Speed10~100mm/sPrinter Size530*435*430mm
Printing Speed40-120mm/sNet Weight9.0Kg
Nozzle Size0.4mmPacking Size530*310*208mm
Extruder Temperature(MAX)250℃Gross Weight10.0Kg
Hotbed Temperature(MAX)100℃Power Supply220V/110V  100W
Hotbed MaterialAluminum PCBOSWindows,MAC
Printing SoftwareCuraWorking ConditionTemp:10-40℃,Humidity:20-50%

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