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Application of New Tailless Clips on 3D Printers

DateTime: 2018-11-10
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Tempered glass is widely used in 3D printers because of its good thermal conductivity, wear resistance, deformation resistance, and high surface flatness. At present, the fixing method of tempered glass on the 3D printer generally adopts the long tail clip four-corner fixing. This fixing method is excessively bulky due to the excessive length of the long tail clip, which seriously wastes the valuable printing size of the 3D printer, and there is large distance between the heatbed and long tail clip. When the 3D printer nozzle runs above it, there is a risk of collision. This collision may directly cause the tempered glass to shift or the printer loses due to excessive resistance, which seriously affects the molding effect of the printed part.

Application of New Tailless Clips on 3D Printers

Photo 1: Long tail clip fixed tempered glass


This article introduces a new type of tailless clip, which is simple in structure, small in size, low in cost and firm in fixing compared to the long tail clamp.

Application of New Tailless Clips on 3D Printers

Photo 2: New tailless clip fixed tempered glass

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