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Unveil 3D printing technology of " lotus house": low carbon and beautiful artwork!

Date: 2018-08-24
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In 2018 China international solar decathlon competition, the exhibition building " Lotus house" designed by Washington university uses the most advanced 3D printing technology, precast concrete technology and fabricated steel structure technology in its design and construction, thus creating an energy-saving low-carbon emission and beautiful residence.

Unveil 3D printing technology of

Lotus house design combines innovative technology with the beauty of nature: 3D printing symbolizes the beautiful lotus flower in Chinese traditional culture, thus creating this energy-saving low-carbon emission and rich and beautiful residence.
The " Lotus house" does not have windows in the traditional sense, but uses the radian of twelve petal-shaped wallboard to refract the light, thus completing indoor lighting.

Unveil 3D printing technology of

The biggest highlight of "Lotus house" is to reuse construction waste and prevent new construction waste from being produced. Through the use of 3D printing technology, fewer materials are used in the production process to produce accurate exterior wall and node molds, reuse 3D printing materials and greatly reduce the weight of molds, thus saving transportation costs.
In addition, waterscape and greenery are also set up in the courtyard outside, which can organically combine indoor and outdoor spaces in vision and bring people a life experience close to nature.

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