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Ancient mammoths discovered in 1860 “reappear ” !

DateTime: 2018-08-02
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Belgium - July 26, 2018, Material is implementing a large-scale stereolithography ( photo-curing 3D printing ) project, which is also the first mammoth skeletal frame reconstructed by 3D printing. The project first scanned the 320 bones of mammoths, then digitally modeled them, followed by printing and post - processing. Finally, the 3D printing mammoth will be displayed in the Lier, where the original mammoth was found.

比利时即将展出 3D打印1860年发现的远古猛犸象

Bone of mammoth printed by photo-curing 3D printer

Since 1869, the mammoth has been on display at Belgium's royal institute of natural sciences in Brussels, nearly 150 years after its discovery, it has returned to its place of discovery and is on display in a more scientific and modern form. The project is in cooperation with the Brussels museum and is installed on an invisible internal support structure.

Ancient mammoths discovered in 1860 “reappear ” !

Scanning mammoth bone data for reconstruction and restoration

In this project, the reconstruction of mammoths poses great challenges to material engineers. 320 bones of each mammoth were scanned in the museum in Brussels and then worked closely with paleontologists in the museum to achieve the highest anatomical accuracy. The 3D image data generated by scanning cannot be printed directly, and need to be repaired and processed by magic software.

Ancient mammoths discovered in 1860 “reappear ” !

The missing teeth of Mammoth were restored

In order to assemble 320 bones together, the engineer created a more complicated internal installation structure, which was integrated into the printed resin skeleton. In the digital model stage, the material engineer had to consider how to adapt to the structure. As for modular structural materials, engineers have learned from the experience of its subsidiary, rapiddfit, in automotive molds. The end result is a strong and lightweight structure that weighs only 300 kilograms.

Ancient mammoths discovered in 1860 “reappear ” !

The printed bones should be colored and post - treated.

These bones will be printed in nine 3D printers with photo-curing technology to realize the required printer capacity of the project ( the printing size is 220x70x80 ). In order to realize this large-scale processing project, the 3D printing service is mainly used to design the installation structure in the bone and print mammoths on the most suitable 3D printing technology starting from the optimized scanning.

Material has several 3D prin,mammoths will need more than a month to print, and then they will use different paint, texture and paint combinations to color later before they are finished, only in this way can the printed bones match the original bones as accurately as possible.

Gertjan Brien, head of the project, said, " the scale of the project is challenging, especially because we have to put different experts, including engineers, paleontologists and collating experts, and adjust our vision to complete all models, the time is very tight. The original skeleton showed some inaccuracies, reflecting the situation when it was installed 150 years ago. One example is the length of its tail, which we now know is shorter than originally thought. The original mammoth skeleton also lost some bones, including its left ivory, we mirrored the right ivory and reconstructed it into 3D data in order to obtain a more accurate replica than using wooden ivory to complete the original skeleton. By reflecting the original bone structure, the fractured upper jaw is also accurately restored. This means that the mammoths printed in 3D will be more accurate than the original ones.

Mijje GelnPr.E. said: " 3D printing has increasingly proved to be a very useful tool in the field of paleontology, it allows us to study fossils without damaging precious materials and to cooperate with colleagues from all over the world on almost the same fossil. " The first complete giant bone was printed out in 3D, which is a unique experience. "

Let's look forward to the " reappear " of mammoths in Belgium in October.

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