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3D printing ceramic , the art is so beautiful!

DateTime: 2018-07-20
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Ceramics, as a symbol of Chinese culture, has a history of several thousand years. Chinese invented pottery as early as the Neolithic age . After the development of various dynasties, ceramic have been exported to the world since the Tang and Song dynasties.

Wooden boats that full of ceramic,  sailed to various parts of the world under the influence of monsoons. Thus, in the eyes of westerners, ceramic has become an image symbol of Chinese people.

After a long period of reform and development, China's modern ceramic art rose in the late 1970s. Nowadays, modern ceramic art is increasingly occupying an important position in the public life. When 3D printing appeared, modern artists turned their eyes to this revolutionary technology. Using the traditional firing technology and unlimited creativity, they could create beautiful ceramic artworks. If the charm of high temperature sintering of traditional ceramic technology is beyond the reach of 3D ceramic printing, then 3D ceramic printing modeling technology can complete the complicated three-dimensional structure that traditional ceramic technology cannot express.

Beauty comes from life. ceramic art shows people's thoughts and feelings indirectly from the point of view of life.  Look at these 3D printed ceramic art works below. what do you feel?   





The market of 3D printing ceramic has great potential .

According to a survey report released by MARKETS AND MARKETS(M&M) that is a well-known market research company , the global scale of the 3D printing ceramic market is expected to increase from 27.8 million us dollars in 2016 to 131.5 million us dollars in 2021, and the CAGR during this period will reach 29.6 %.

The report also shows that up till now, North America still has the largest market share in 3D printing ceramics and is expected to continue to lead the way. Europe is second, while the Asia-Pacific region is expected to occupy the next place with the highest growth rate in the world in the next five years. The 3D printing ceramic market, which mainly includes the ceramic powder material market for 3D printing, the ceramic product market for 3D printing, and the related equipment and technology markets, has great potential for development.


Ceramic has a wide range of applications, including scientific research, medical treatment, industry, architecture and jewelry, especially, advanced ceramic materials with many favorable properties are needed in aerospace, national defense and other fields. 3D printed ceramic products can ensure good surface quality and various good properties.

《The special plan for scientific and technological innovation in the field of advanced manufacturing technology in the 13th five - year plan》issued by the Ministry of science and technology pointed out that it should strengthen the manufacturing of core basic components and key basic technologies of intelligent manufacturing, master a batch of core key technologies and equipment products with independent intellectual property rights in the fields of increasing material manufacturing and laser manufacturing, form an innovative development mode of deep integration of information technology represented by the internet and manufacturing industry, promote the innovative development of manufacturing industry, take the promotion of intelligent manufacturing as the direction, strengthen the manufacturing foundation capability, improve the comprehensive integration level, promote the transformation and upgrading of industry, and realize the leap from big to strong manufacturing industry.

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