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3d printing tiles: beauty to explode!

Date: 2018-06-08
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It is said that printing a ceramic tile with a 3D printer can have a 3D effect. How about the effect? Let us take a closer look at it today.

3d image printed by 3d printer


Do you think this is the way out of mounds? Then you are wrong! This is a genuine tile! !


Have you ever seen this backdrop?

3d printing tiles: beauty to explode!

That's right, these are the contributions of 3d printers.

What is the principle of 3D printing?

People's eyes are about 6-7 cm apart. When two eyes look at an object, they are two slightly different images seen from different angles. The brain will change the focus of the two eyes to coincide the two images, which can present 3D effects. A parallax-like image creates a three-dimensional sensation after synthesis. However, because of the fact that the plane image that we usually see is exactly the same angle when it enters the eye, the vision and brain cannot extract the spatial stereo of the object on the screen. The sense does not reflect its three-dimensional relationship. The three-dimensional image and the plane image are essentially different. The plane image reflects the up and down, left and right two-dimensional relationship of the object, and the floor plan seen by people also has a three-dimensional sense. This is mainly reflected by the use of light and shadow, contrast between reality and light, and contrast between light and darkness. The true three-dimensional painting is a principle that simulates the human eye to see the world. It is produced by using optical refraction. It can make eye objects look up and down, left and right, and front and back three-dimensional. relationship.

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