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The ideal gift for Children's Children's Day - 3d printer

Date: 2018-05-30
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Children's Day is coming right now. Did the children's gifts be chosen by their mothers? Xiaobian recommends a gift to moms - 3d printer.

Since 3D printing, many nao (dong) devices that only exist on computers have been presented. In your impression, 3D printing still exists only in the experience hall?

Desktop-level 3D printers are beginning to gain popularity. It seems that 3D printing has become more and more commonplace. Many families have taken the lead in using 3D printers. Ms. Chen, who lives in Shenzhen, recently bought her child a desktop 3D printer.

Ms. Chen said that in fact, buy a desktop printer is not expensive, but he did not understand this piece so hesitated, and now bought and found that children completely fell in love with their own print toys, but also allow children to learn to cherish more important It was the child who had an initial modeling mentality that she had never thought of at first.

The ideal gift for Children's Children's Day - 3d printer

The desktop-level 3D printing operation is actually very simple. There are specialized model websites where you can search for your favorite toy to print directly, or you can create a model according to your own intentions. Ms. Chen's children are overprinted from download to self-creation. Ms. Chen said that at the beginning, the child simply printed some dolls on the site, and then slowly began to print various parts of their own assembly, and now they have begun to change some models on the Internet, although the transformation of the finished product is always There are such minor problems, but it is a great improvement for children to think and to operate independently.

The ideal gift for Children's Children's Day - 3d printer The ideal gift for Children's Children's Day - 3d printer

Compared to letting children indulge in mobile games and eating chickens from day to day kings, it is better to buy a desktop 3D printer for children. On the one hand, it can stimulate children’s full-scale thinking skills, and on the other hand, children can be separated from the virtual network world. , let children think about communication, even a few children together to assemble a slightly larger toy, eliminate mobile phone black bars in addition to the mandatory prohibition of children playing mobile phones, in fact, we can actually have a better way to transfer the child's attention .

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