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Color value and feelings coexist: 3D printing classical home lighting

Date: 2018-05-15
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Source: anet3d.cn

With the continuous improvement of people's living conditions, people are increasingly pursuing the improvement of the quality of life. The quality of life is often a small item that can be obtained. Now the role of lamps and lanterns is not limited to lighting, but also is an important decorative item. The unique and exquisite lamps and lanterns always bring a different visual enjoyment.


The wall lights and desk lamps produced by the 3D printerare not much in common with what we use today. The wall thickness of this European wall lamp is about 1.5mm. The transparent PLA 3D printing material is used for one-off printing. The lamp cover can be equipped with LED wicks of different colors. Under the premise of ensuring beautiful appearance, the lighting effect can achieve sufficient brightness.


 The above two lamps are similar in appearance and they all have strong Chinese style elements, one with the traditional meaning of “Leaping Dragon Gate” and the other with Long Xiangyun expressing the good wishes of wealth and good fortune. Due to the different support points, the 3D printing of the Pisces lampshade is completed, and is suspended in the air with a power cord, giving the illusion of a maritime pearl at night. The auspicious cloud lamp printed the lamp holder to hold the lamp shade, the lamp shade can rotate freely, presenting a picture of the Qingming River on the river, ten separate.


In the production of these lamps and lanterns in 3D printing, they are all completed with a desktop-class 3D printer. During the software modeling and slicing process, some customizations can be made. For example, adding text and graphics can be used to make 3D printed lamps beautiful. It is highly unified with practical aspects. Look at the 3D printing lamps and appreciate the beauty of technology. Comparing with the lamps produced by traditional craftsmen, the exquisiteness of these 3D printed lamps is not inferior to that of course. Of course, 3D printing is more efficient and more cost-effective in terms of time.

Today, smart living and smart services have become an important way for people to pursue high-end technology. 3D printing technology can produce products that conventional molds can't manufacture, and can reduce the research and development costs before the products are put on the market, shorten the development cycle, and improve the independent innovation ability of lighting companies. This will further expand the business scope of lighting companies, especially for the main export. The lighting manufacturers have great help.

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