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The Trend of Desktop 3D Printer

Date: 2018-11-08
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Now with the rapid development of technology, people's lives have gradually changed dramatically. 3D printers have appeared in recent years. Now let's talk about the major trends in the development of 3D printers.

The Trend of Desktop 3D Printer

1. Desktop 3D printers will become smaller, more portable, and look more stylish.

2. Color touch screen function, remote monitoring function, network control function, resuming printing after power-off function.

3. Printing accuracy will be higher and higher and printing speed will become faster and faster. Printing a model would cost only 20 minutes compared with current 2 to 3 hours. Printing materials will become cheaper and cheaper. After industrialization, it can be used by thousands of households.

4. There is a huge market space for digital technology education in China, and more and more schools will introduce 3D printers for teaching and social practice. It will help develop students' hands-on ability and imagination. It provides another strong support for the vigorous development of China's education.

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