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4D Printing Technology Concept

Date: 2018-11-07
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4D Printing Technology Concept

Compared with 3D printing technology, 4D printing technology has a "D" compared with the words. The extra "D" refers to the time latitude, which is precisely a new type of material that can be automatically deformed into the corresponding shape according to the pre-designed product  without any complicated electromechanical equipment and meets the performance requirements. The key to 4D printing is memory alloys, a revolutionary new technology developed by MIT in collaboration with the Stratasys Education R&D department to allow rapid prototyping of materials.


3D printing technology is modeled first, printing products are behind. While the 4D printing is to embed product design into the deformable smart material and the product would be self-assembled under specific conditions without human intervention. The innovation of 4D printing is “change”. It is a dynamic process that not only creates new things that are smart and adaptable, but also completely changes traditional industrial printing. 4D printing technology is the improvement of 3D technology. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, we have every reason to believe that in the near future, the application of 4D printing technology to production will become a possibility, and there is a huge application prospects.

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