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Maldives ushers in greet world's largest 3D printed coral reef

Date: 2018-08-18
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Maldives ushers in greet world's largest 3D printed coral reef

On August 11 ,the world’s largest 3D printed coral reef stands on the sea floor of the Blue Lagoon resort in the summer island of Maldives ,where the sediment concentration is relatively high .The aim is to use scientific and technological means to help the coral reef in the Maldives sea to resist the threat of seawater warming and establish a new coral reef ecosystem .

The 3D printed coral reef is about 7 meters long and consists of hundreds of ceramic and concrete modules .  Alex Goad , an industrial designer , started the project at the coral reef in Melbourne, Australia ,he used sophisticated computer modeling technology to design similar structures by simulating natural coral reefs in the Maldives sea area .A large 3D printer completes the printing of the coral reef structural molds after 24 hours uninterrupted operation . The material of these molds is a clay material similar to calcium carbonate in natural coral reefs. The mold was transported to Maldives by sea, then filled with concrete, and then put together 220 modules like spliced Lego blocks, this artificial coral reef was completed

At present , the operators are transplanting the coral reef “seedlings” onto the 3D printed coral reef body ,growing continuously and finally covering the 3D printed coral reef .

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