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3D printing walked into Shanghai Tourism Grand Class

Date: 2018-07-21
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“3D打印”走进上海旅游大课堂 “3D打印”走进上海旅游大课堂 “3D打印”走进上海旅游大课堂 “3D打印”走进上海旅游大课堂

On July 17, the 95th " Tourism Grand Class " was held in the special exhibition hall of the China 3D printing culture museum in Shanghai. This is the first time that advanced manufacturing culture has entered the view of Shanghai tourists under the promotion of the concept of global tourism in Shanghai.


At the lecture on the theme " the future of 3d printing culture", Julie, director of China's 3D printing culture museum, popularized the scientific knowledge of " 3D printing " to hundreds of people in the tourism industry in Shanghai. She introduced briefly the application cases of 3D printing technology in industrial manufacturing, new energy vehicles, medical treatment, architectural design and other fields, she also conducted an in-depth discussion on the integration and development of 3d printing with industrial culture and industrial tourism, arousing strong interest among the participants.


According to McKinsey's prediction ,by 2025, the direct economic impact of 3D printing will reach  $550 billion, and 3D printing will become one of the representative technologies of " industry 4.0".

3D printing culture museum of China combines the three elements of " industry", " culture" and " tourism" and thus has the characteristics of culture, knowledge and interest. Here, the world is enlarged and shrunk, and it has the unique charm of being on - site, dynamic and experienced, and is favored by tourists.




The Shanghai Tourism Grand Class is an industry-based learning platform sponsored by the municipal tourism administration and hosted by the municipal tourism association. It has been held for seven years now, and it has been welcomed by frontline tourists due to its focus on pertinence, practicality and operability.

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