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3D printing brings cultural relics “back to life ”and “within reach”

Date: 2018-07-18
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As we all know, most of the cultural relics, especially those outside, have weathered and are still weathering after hundreds of years or even thousands of years of wind and sunshine. If they are not protected in time and the cultural relics data are obtained, their elegant demeanour will disappear forever.

However, with the development of 3D printing technology and 3D scanning technology, it is possible to establish " cultural relic data files" in digital form. At present, our country is making great efforts to promote the digitalization process of museums, many museums and relic restoration workers try to use 3D printing and 3D scanning technology to " back to life" fragmented relics and continue to pass on them while restoring them.

3D printing brings cultural relics “back to life ”and “within reach”

The Square Zun with Four Sheep is the largest bronze square statue in China that still exists in the Shang dynasty, its length on each side is 52.4 cm and its height is 58.3 cm. However, due to the protection of cultural relics, the common people can only look at such large cultural relics as Square Zun with Four Sheep from afar and cannot play with them.  With the development of 3D printing technology and 3D scanning technology, many museum cultural relic workers began to try printing the " twin brothers" of Square Zun with Four Sheep by 3D printing, and to let cultural relic " walk out" of the museum and get close to the common people.

3D printing brings cultural relics “back to life ”and “within reach”

Last year, a studio added a " twin brother" , a miniature version of the Square Zun with Four Sheep . Originally, this " twin brother" was printed by using desktop 3D printer A8.  According to introduction, A8 can prints steadily and have high printing precision ,which can support the one-time forming of complex structural models.

"We will slice up the Square Zun with Four Sheep model file, and then connect the A8 3D printer to automatically print the three-dimensional physical model, and then color it according to the characteristics of the prototype. The 3D modeler of the studio said that A8 machine adopts a full sheet metal three-dimensional frame, and all important structures and moving parts are made of metal. the structure is as stable as a rock, which reduces the mechanical jitter in the printing process and brings the high-precision intelligent manufacturing level to the extreme, perfectly reproducing the artistic elegant demeanour of the Square Zun with Four Sheep .

With the popularization of 3D printing technology, everyone can become a " self - maker".  For example, the metropolitan museum of America has followed the trend and released a brochure to guide staff and tourists to scan and copy artwork and print it in 3D.

 The application of 3D printing in museums has brought cultural relics " back to life" and made them " within reach".

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