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3D printed amphibious gill designed by Kamei can allow people to breathe in water .

Date: 2018-07-03
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3D printed amphibious gill designed by Kamei can allow people to breathe in water .

In the latest project of Jun Kamei, materials science and cutting-edge design are combined in a fully 3D printed mask. It can allow people to breathe in water , expel carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen from the surrounding water.The 3D printed mask, Amphibio , was designed for global warming and rising sea levels . According to the information of Antarctic bear ,3dprintingindustry interviewed designer Kamei to learn about his latest concepts and designs in dealing with environmental change .

Kamei is a researcher, designer and materials scientist of the MicroLab team. Inspired by nature, Kamei turned to bionics field.When creating Amphibio , Kamei explained: "I am particularly interested in diving insects, which can survive underwater by their gill."

In addition , Kamei estimates that the Earth's temperature will rise by 3.2 °C by 2100 . If so, Kamei claims that rising temperatures will cause sea levels to rise, it will affect more than 30% of the global population and inundate megacities of coastal areas. Considering these predictions, Kamei is trying to make humans adapt to survival.

Amphibious gill printed by 3D printing --- Amphibio

Kamei said that "the Amphibio material is composed of hydrophobic materials, elastomeric materials and other things that cannot be disclosed due to patent application."

The flexible waterproof ring is 3D printed with multiple compartments that appear as ridges on the surface. In a proof-of-concept experiment, Kamei showed how to use Amphibio to expel carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen from the surrounding water

3D printed amphibious gill designed by Kamei can allow people to breathe in water .

Amphibious gills printed by 3D printing      Designed by Jun Kamei  Photography by Mikito Tateisi

How does Amphibio work?

Amphibio of Kamei is suspended from the center of the water filled tank by two connecting tubes. Through the left tube, Kamei fills the sputum with 70% CO2 gas, simulating the CO2 concentration level when the person exhales. The sensor attached to the second tube always monitors the oxygen level in the gill.

Kamei explained: The system is sealed with a air-tight one-way valve, so the only way to replenish oxygen in the gills is through the membrane from the surrounding water. Oxygen is dissolved in the surrounding water, and because the proportion of oxygen in the gill is low, the oxygen molecules in the water pass through the branchial membrane to compensate for the difference in concentration, as in the case of osmosis. A similar thing happens with excess carbon dioxide molecules, which flow in opposite directions from the gill to the surrounding water.

At present , the Amphibio  can’t replace typical diving equipment , but Kamei does give the next stage of application pointers.

First ,It need sure that there are enough surface area of Amphibio around your body .

Second , the safety measures need to be taken to monitor oxygen levels and switch to smaller emergency gas tanks when gill can’t provide enough oxygen.

Finally, it needs to be tested in the “Human Oxygen Consumption Simulation Control Aquarium”.

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