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Nanochon offers rapid growth of 3D printed cartilage implants

Date: 2018-05-23
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Nanochon was founded in 2016 by Dr. Ben Holmes and Dr. Nathan Castro, both of whom were studying new orthopedic strategies at the time. Dr. Castro is investigating novel materials for cell growth and, due to its unique chemical and physical properties, enables it to support rapid stem cell growth and tissue formation, thereby discovering the potential of nanostructured polyurethane (nPU) as a cartilage replacement material. Dr. Holmes is exploring strategies to expand existing experimental materials to meet clinical needs and found that 3D-printed nPUs have similar mechanical properties as cartilage and can support vascularized bone growth, which integrates any joint implant and its clinical Success is crucial.

Nanochon offers rapid growth of 3D printed cartilage implants

The two PhDs worked together to develop a new type of cartilage implant that can replace lost cartilage in a short period of time and that can be integrated with the body for a long period of time. The implant targets young and more active patients with knee injuries. Usually under the age of 55, these patients usually want to be able to participate in violent activities after recovery. However, due to various reasons, complications and other situations often occur, so the current treatment options are not satisfactory. Nanochon's Implantable Medical Devices (IMD) uses 3D printing of new nanostructured synthetic materials to effectively replicate true cartilage. It promotes new tissue growth and healing, allows patients to recover shorter, more thoroughly, and can be arthroscopically implanted, which is much less risky than other types of surgery. Currently, implants have been designed to treat critical-size cartilage injuries on the knee articular surface. In the future, anochon predicts that they will be used to treat tears, sports injuries, early-onset osteoarthritis, and other forms of full-thickness cartilage loss. . Since its establishment, Nanochon has grown rapidly. The company has completed safety tests and proof-of-concept studies using prototypes to treat large cartilage injuries in animals. “Nanochon was founded in 2016, but since then, we have been able to transition from an interesting scientific experiment to a meaningful preclinical proof of concept demonstration, which allows us to quickly enter clinical testing.” said Dr. Holmes, “I think This is a testament to the power of 3D printing, whether it's new applications in the medical/industrial arena, or the ability to quickly test and iterate."

Nanochon offers rapid growth of 3D printed cartilage implants

Recently Nanochon was awarded the first phase of SBIR by the National Science Foundation and plans to conduct human research in 2019. In addition to human patients, Nanochon's technology can also be applied to treat animals such as horses, but regardless of humans or horses, patients can benefit from faster recovery, cheaper treatment, and overall more effective and permanent healing. For this groundbreaking treatment plan.

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