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Scientists have developed 3D printing smart gels or artificial hearts

Date: 2018-05-21
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Source: Oriental headlines

It is understood that, recently, researchers from the University of New York at Rutgers University have developed a 3D printing smart gel that can move in the water to grab and move objects. This achievement helps to develop underwater robots and artificial muscles. The researchers printed out several humanoid smart gels about 2.54 cm high, placed them in the electrolyte, and then energized the electrolyte. The gel can advance, retreat, grasp objects, and move objects under the action of an electric field. Changing the electrolyte concentration and electric field strength can change the gel's posture or shape.

Scientists have developed 3D printing smart gels or artificial hearts

Researchers published papers on Applied Materials and Interfaces to report the results. They said that this material is similar to human tissue, contains a lot of water, is very soft, or may be used to develop artificial heart, artificial stomach, artificial muscle.

The soft nature of this material will not damage the objects it encounters, and it is expected to be used in diagnosing diseases and entering the body to deliver drugs.

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