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ANSYS Announces Two New Simulation Software Solutions for Metal 3D Printing

DateTime: 2018-04-23
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Headquartered in Pennsylvania, ANSYS Corporation is a global leader in ubiquitous engineering simulation software that helps complex companies such as GE create better products by leveraging their extensive engineering simulation software platform to solve complex design issues. Last year, in order to expand the use of 3D printing simulation, the company acquired 3DSIM to establish the industry's only complete 3D printing simulation workflow. Now, ANSYS will release a new metal 3D printing simulation software solution aimed at changing the way that the biotechnology, automotive, aerospace and defense industries produce metal parts.

"ANSYS is committed to changing the way products are produced through 3D printing by providing the most powerful and complete solution in the field. The possibilities are endless," said Brent Stucker, director of additive manufacturing at ANSYS. "Our technology has promoted the effective creation of some of the world's most demanding application components, including military machines, spacecraft on other planets, and even custom printed body parts for hospitals."

The company's newly released products, ANSYS Additive Print and ANSYS Additive Suite, will allow faster and more perfect 3D printing of complex metal parts. The software helps users to successfully print light-weight metal parts for the first time because it can be used to analyze microstructure characteristics and behavior.

Metal 3D printing can bring many benefits that can completely change the pattern of industrial manufacturing. We often hear that traditional manufacturing methods cannot solve the increasingly complex product demands, which is why many companies are looking for other more economical solutions to build the next generation of metal products.

Many people are turning to metal 3D printing, but this does not solve all the manufacturing problems that arise. Although the current process is faster than the traditional manufacturing process, it is still expensive and time consuming, which may limit the chance of a printing error during production.

However, engineers can feel at ease because they can accurately understand what will happen in the 3D printing process through ANSYS's additive simulation workflow. They can even tell the designer what to expect before the designer opens the 3D printer, and where the failed parts are. If designers have the opportunity to design, test, and verify part performance early in the process, the chances of a printing error will decrease.

The company's innovative software solutions can help reduce these challenges while simplifying processes by reducing the cost, waste and time of 3D printing, and any design limitations. Customers can perceive the end result by combining simulations before 3D printing, because they will first virtually test any product design before printing any parts.

"ANSYS allows us to redesign and build flying rockets. We are building the world's largest 3D printer, and we will use the printer's 3D printing rocket," said co-founder and chief technology officer of Relativity Space Jordan Noone. "With ANSYS's 3D printing solution, our design iteration speed has increased 10 times and the number of parts has decreased by 100 times - we are innovating in many incredible ways."

The easy-to-use ANSYS Additive Print provides results that accurately reflect what happens during the 3D printing process, which helps speed up production and reduce build failures. The solution accurately predicts layer-by-layer distortion and stress, optimal support structure and final printed part shape, as well as potential crash and distortion compensation STL files.

The ANSYS Additive Suite provides a complete, powerful workflow solution for metal 3D printing customers, allowing designers to create, repair, and clean CAD geometry and simulate the addition process. Other features include optimization of thermal analysis and structural analysis for weight reduction, topology optimization, and data validation. ANSYS Additive Suite is available as an attachment to the ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise license.

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