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It sounds really shocking that creating a “face” for yourself with 3D printing . A few days ago, Russian researchers said that the first artificial skin will be officially released in Russia by the end of 2018. Soldiers who suffered severe skin wounds or burns on the battlefield are expected to " regain their appearance".  Similarly, a company in silicon valley of the United States recently introduced a " combination" of a 3D facial camera and a 3D facial printer, which can easily make human skin masks.What brings about this change is the 3D bio-printing technology , a new scientific and technological method that uses computer 3d models as " drawings" and assembles special " bio - ink" to finally produce artificial organs and biomedical products...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 07
Recently, the "magnesium-containing degradable polymer bone repair material" developed by the research team of the Institute of Translational Medicine Research and Development of the Institute of Advanced Medical Technology, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences was listed in the latest issue of "Announcement of Results of Special Approval Applications for Innovative Medical Devices" issued by the State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) Medical Device Technology Review Center. This is the second product approved by CFDA for innovative medical devices in the field of orthopedics in Shenzhen. It is also the first hard tissue bone repair product approved by Shenzhen in this field. The relevant public notice ended on June 27.Bones exi...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 06
Janne Kyttanen, a designer, recently designed a lamp that have a water lily appearance and created it using 3D printing technology. It is reported that the lamp caused a sensation at Milan Design Week, so let's have a look!“The lamp that has a water lily appearance is the first highly commercialized 3D printed lighting product ,” Kyttanen said : “It is made of polyamide resin. Polyamide resin is a very fine powder that is usually used for laser sintering.”Kyttanen continues:” the key to success of the product is that make it be very cheap.  When we designed these products before, how to do these things was a challenge, and another challenge was the expensive price . ”The lamp that has a water lily appearance is printed as a complete part by 3D printing technology , and each lamp has ...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 04
In the latest project of Jun Kamei, materials science and cutting-edge design are combined in a fully 3D printed mask. It can allow people to breathe in water , expel carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen from the surrounding water.The 3D printed mask, Amphibio , was designed for global warming and rising sea levels . According to the information of Antarctic bear ,3dprintingindustry interviewed designer Kamei to learn about his latest concepts and designs in dealing with environmental change .Kamei is a researcher, designer and materials scientist of the MicroLab team. Inspired by nature, Kamei turned to bionics field.When creating Amphibio , Kamei explained: "I am particularly interested in diving insects, which can survive underwater by their gill."In addition , Kamei estimates tha...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 03
Since the “300,000 RMB bracelet broken incident”, a “most expensive selfie in history ” has caused great repercussions overseas.A Chinese overseas student took a selfie in an exhibition California , he accidentally hit the booth when he was kneeling down .The booth collapsed in turn like domino .The sponsor organized this exhibition in California. This exhibition mainly displayed the crown works through 3D printing. The estimated loss of the exhibition was 1.35 million RMB as the Chinese student accidentally collided with the booth and led to the collapse of the booth.Just as everyone was beginning to discuss enthusiastically how to settle the 1.35 million RMB loss , Birch, the designer of crown ,made a sound :there is no need to compensate .This is beyond everyone’s imagination .lift up y...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 02
Tencent Technology News According to foreign media reports, Adrian Keppler, CEO of industrial technology service provider EOS, said in an interview on Thursday that 3D printing technology can change the construction industry, but this technology The rate of popularity has been slow because people do not know enough about this technology.Kepler said that the construction industry may be changed because of 3D printing technology, but business owners do not understand this technology, which affects the promotion of this technology.He said: "People don't understand it. They have a hard time understanding what this means for their company."Kepler said that 3D printing technology can be used to manufacture light components, which may benefit car manufacturers because the automotive ind...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 09
It is said that printing a ceramic tile with a 3D printer can have a 3D effect. How about the effect? Let us take a closer look at it today.3d image printed by 3d printerDo you think this is the way out of mounds? Then you are wrong! This is a genuine tile! !Have you ever seen this backdrop?That's right, these are the contributions of 3d printers.What is the principle of 3D printing?People's eyes are about 6-7 cm apart. When two eyes look at an object, they are two slightly different images seen from different angles. The brain will change the focus of the two eyes to coincide the two images, which can present 3D effects. A parallax-like image creates a three-dimensional sensation after synthesis. However, because of the fact that the plane image that we usually see is exactly the same ang...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 08
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