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On August 2, 2018, a student showed a 3D printed portrait of a Qin woman.         Zhang yuan (Shanxi branch)               China News Service / Visual ChinaIn the " domestic modern human craniofacial database" created by northwestern university in Xi' an, Shanxi province, researchers can infer the age range of the ancients' skulls when they were buried through the " carbon 14" identification and anthropological analysis, then the soft tissue thickness of people of the same age group can be extracted from the existing modern human craniofacial database, based on this, the ancients' facial features can be restored through 3D printing technology.Before this, the school'...
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Updated: 2018 - 08 - 04
Belgium - July 26, 2018, Material is implementing a large-scale stereolithography ( photo-curing 3D printing ) project, which is also the first mammoth skeletal frame reconstructed by 3D printing. The project first scanned the 320 bones of mammoths, then digitally modeled them, followed by printing and post - processing. Finally, the 3D printing mammoth will be displayed in the Lier, where the original mammoth was found.Bone of mammoth printed by photo-curing 3D printerSince 1869, the mammoth has been on display at Belgium's royal institute of natural sciences in Brussels, nearly 150 years after its discovery, it has returned to its place of discovery and is on display in a more scientific and modern form. The project is in cooperation with the Brussels museum and is installed on an invisi...
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Updated: 2018 - 08 - 02
According to foreign media reports, the focus of research on lithium battery rings is on electrodes. As components that input or output current in conductive media, scientists continuously adjust their composition and chemical reactions to seek better battery performance. This includes researchers from Carnegie Mellon university who have proposed a new method of grid electrodes in 3D printing technology, they believe that this method has brought " unprecedented improvements".Looking for new and improved lithium battery electrodes has shown many promising possibilities. These involve placing silicon in graphene " cages", developing tiny nanowires, and developing new materials such as silicon. 3D printing has also become a possible way because it can be used to produce el...
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Updated: 2018 - 08 - 01
Since 2009,Aki Inomata , a Japanese artist , has been engaged in a special " real estate business" that help hermit crabs design various beautiful houses using 3D printing technology .The styles of these houses also have different origins, such as the New York skyline, Parisian apartments and Tokyo style houses, which give hermit crabs more choices, unlike us who do not even have the choice, although their aesthetic standards are not necessarily the same as those of human beings.Aki Inomata did his homework first in order to make these novel shells popular with hermit crabs.The creation of this series has a long name.He uses CT Scanner to obtain structural data inside the actual hermit crab shell for reference, so basically these designs are all habitable, only to see if they can...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 31
Speaking of racing cars, it must be the love of many boys. In the eyes of many little boys, remote control cars are the best toys, there seems to be a powerful magic that attracts them deeply, the grown-up boys prefer to study cars. And an uncle from England is no exception , he invented a 3D printing remote control car himself.This British uncle named James Beswick is a professional remote control car enthusiast who is obsessed with studying all kinds of remote control cars. He suddenly thought, using 3D printing technology and RC remote control vehicle, and combining them, he invented a 3D printing remote control vehicle. Although there are many excellent remote control vehicles in today's world, and this 3D printing remote control vehicle is only ranked 11th, what to say is that in this...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 26
Recently , a 3D printing pavilion appeared in ONEC1TY community under construction and development in Tennessee, USA. The pavilion is about 6 meters ( 20 feet ) high and spans 12.8 meters ( 42 feet ).  The ONEC1TY community announced that it is currently the largest 3D printing structure in the world.  Whether or not this architectural work is the largest 3D printing structure at present, the digital design and 3D printing manufacturing technology behind it have conveyed a clean and automatic construction concept to people. Perhaps, many buildings in the future can be built by this kind of digital technology that is far away from dust and noise.The pavilion that " printed" in factory and assembled on siteThe pavilion is not an integral 3D printing structure, it is assem...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 25
On July 17, the 95th " Tourism Grand Class " was held in the special exhibition hall of the China 3D printing culture museum in Shanghai. This is the first time that advanced manufacturing culture has entered the view of Shanghai tourists under the promotion of the concept of global tourism in Shanghai. At the lecture on the theme " the future of 3d printing culture", Julie, director of China's 3D printing culture museum, popularized the scientific knowledge of " 3D printing " to hundreds of people in the tourism industry in Shanghai. She introduced briefly the application cases of 3D printing technology in industrial manufacturing, new energy vehicles, medical treatment, architectural design and other fields, she also conducted an in-depth discussion on ...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 21
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