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On August 11 ,the world’s largest 3D printed coral reef stands on the sea floor of the Blue Lagoon resort in the summer island of Maldives ,where the sediment concentration is relatively high .The aim is to use scientific and technological means to help the coral reef in the Maldives sea to resist the threat of seawater warming and establish a new coral reef ecosystem .The 3D printed coral reef is about 7 meters long and consists of hundreds of ceramic and concrete modules .  Alex Goad , an industrial designer , started the project at the coral reef in Melbourne, Australia ,he used sophisticated computer modeling technology to design similar structures by simulating natural coral reefs in the Maldives sea area .A large 3D printer completes the printing of the coral reef structural mol...
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Updated: 2018 - 08 - 18
Guide: August 8, Siemens announced a further milestone in the 3D printing technology, the company successfully for the SGT-A05 aviation modified GT 3D print a dry low emission DLE premix, and successfully tested, the results show that the 3D print low pollution combustion chamber can significantly reduce the emissions of CO, Siemens said this achievement will further consolidate the leading position of Siemens in 3D printing technology.Vladimir Navrosky, chief technical officer of Siemens power generation division, said: " this is another good example of how 3D printing technology can completely change our industry and provide our customers with real benefits and value, especially when they want to further reduce emissions to meet environmental goals, we can use 3D printing technology...
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Updated: 2018 - 08 - 15
Ballerinas seem effortless when performing, but this is not the case in reality. If you've ever seen ballet dancers' feet, you may be shocked, these ballet dancers usually have bruises on their feet. Hadar Neeman, a graduate of Bezalel school of art and design, decided to use 3D printing technology to create a pair of ballet shoes to protect the dancers' feet after seeing the feet of her friend who were a ballet dancer .According to the editor, Neeman graduated from a product design major, she began to study the creation of 3D printed ballet shoes after seeing her friend injured by dancing. As far as she knew, although some people have already used 3D printing technology to make several other types of shoes, such as sneakers, sandals and high heels, no one has used 3D printing technology t...
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Updated: 2018 - 08 - 15
Recently, the author learned that scientists from the central Queensland university are using 3D biological printing and crocodile cartilage as new methods to treat arthritis and joint injuries. Dr. Padraig Strappe , a lead researcher, said that growth factors from crocodile cartilage help promote adult stem cells in adipose tissue or bone marrow to become cartilage.Crocodile cartilage for treating human joint injuryDr. Padraig Strappe has been studying the extraction of growth factors from crocodile cartilage and the removal of proteins that trigger human immune responses. Promoting cartilage repair in the elderly population will also become more serious, which is a huge challenge. Unlike other types of tissues, cartilage has no blood supply. Therefore, traumatic injuries to joints, espec...
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Updated: 2018 - 08 - 10
Many brands' logo designs are very creative and make people look pleasing, so if you print it 3d? Are you getting it?
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Updated: 2018 - 08 - 08
Wasp, an Italian 3D printing company, announced that the Trabeculae pavilion had been completed. Lightweight structure, bionic design, combined with streamlined shape, full of sense of science and technology! This exquisite pavilion was designed by ACTLAB, the architectural computing technology laboratory of the school of architecture of Milan polytechnic university, the original intention of efficient, lightweight and sustainable design was perfectly achieved.       The interior of the pavilion adopts an organic skeleton structure - a finely crafted cellular microstructure. ACTLAB believes that this structure is not only creative, but also meets the requirements of materials and structures for load bearing, it is called " functional trap structure". The whole...
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Updated: 2018 - 08 - 07
The former Atlantis was located on the Atlantic Island near Gibraltar, Str. Of, an ancient continent that once had a highly developed civilization. The earliest description dates back to the book "Dialogue" of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, which was described as being destroyed by a massive flood in prehistoric times 10,000 BC.According to legend, Atlantis claimed to be the people of the god of the sea and had a strong worship for the sea, it coexisted with Lemuria civilization on the earth at that time. Lemuria civilization is located on an ancient continent in the northeast of Australia today. The two civilizations were successively sunk into extinction floods 10,000 years ago.Why Atlantis was destroyed is still a mystery, its splendid human civilization and the scene of...
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Updated: 2018 - 08 - 06
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