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Headquartered in Pennsylvania, ANSYS Corporation is a global leader in ubiquitous engineering simulation software that helps complex companies such as GE create better products by leveraging their extensive engineering simulation software platform to solve complex design issues. Last year, in order to expand the use of 3D printing simulation, the company acquired 3DSIM to establish the industry's only complete 3D printing simulation workflow. Now, ANSYS will release a new metal 3D printing simulation software solution aimed at changing the way that the biotechnology, automotive, aerospace and defense industries produce metal parts."ANSYS is committed to changing the way products are produced through 3D printing by providing the most powerful and complete solution in the field. The pos...
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Updated: 2018 - 04 - 23
The world's largest electronics sourcing fair “2018 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show“- the first phase “Consumer Electronics Show” was successfully held at the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong on 11th to 14th April, with about 3,800 booths showed outdoor, automotive, smart home and other electronic products. Shenzhen Anet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Anet") was invited to show the latest 3d printers, and attracted the attention of many overseas buyers.Anet was invited to attend “2018 Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show” 3D printers became focus in the world's largest electronics sourcing fair As the leading manufacturer of 3d printing industry, most of Anet 3D printers are our new products in this exhibition. H...
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Updated: 2018 - 04 - 20
Hong Kong - Oct.13,2017 & As the leading desktop 3D printer manufacturer, ANET brings a variety of newly developed 3D printers, invited to participate in the Hong Kong Asia Expo held by the Global Sources Electronics Show. Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show is one of the world's largest electronic products exhibition, this event a total of about 6500 booths, showing the world's most innovative electronic products.         During the exhibition, guests from home and abroad, including many exhibitors of the other factory staff, visited the experience of several new ANET 3D printer, and we have in-depth exchanges, both sides have benefited. We found that all walks of life generally have a real demand for 3D printers, such as almost every fact...
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Updated: 2018 - 04 - 04
Russian exclusive agency signing ceremony and strategic cooperation conference has been held at Anet Shenzhen office on October 25, 2017. The CEOs of the two sides have a good business communication and complete the signing ceremony.Anet has been optimistic about the industry prospects of 3D printer market not only in Russia but also all over the world. RK Alliance has a good cooperation relationship with Anet for a long time. After the observation of Anet’s modern standard workshop, R&D achievements and strict QC, RK Alliance agrees to be Anet’s Russian exclusive agency with the appoint that the annual purchase amount of it should be no less than 5 million dollars.The overseas market layout program of Anet is the first step to make Chinese 3D printer more international and is also a g...
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Updated: 2018 - 04 - 04
Recently, 2017 MEI Awards Ceremony and 2017 - 2018 Annual Excellent Product's World Premiere of MEI held in Guangzhou. Made-in-china.com, China Council For The Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT), Nanjing Commerce Bureau, Guangdong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association(GDCBEA), Shenzhen Cross-Border E-Commerce Association(SZCBEA), excellent companies representatives and all the present media witnessed this moment of glory. “Easy DIY 3D Printer Kit” (E10 and E12) of Shenzhen Anet Technology Co., Ltd won the award of “2017 MEI Awards Ceremony”, and became the leader of 3D printer industry.“Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards” is a commonweal project that was launched and sponsored by Made-in-China.com in 2011, it aimed at guiding more Chinese manufacturers focus on quality and...
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Updated: 2018 - 04 - 04
Original title: MIT engineers use 3D printing to develop new bandagesIt is reported that MIT engineers used 3D printing technology to develop new types of bandages that are more tight and comfortable than traditional bandages. The new type of bandage is made of a special rubber film that can fit over your skin more. When your knees, elbows or other joints are injured, using traditional bandages will make your joints hard to move, and MIT The new 3D printed bandage developed by the Academy allows you to move freely. The design of the material is inspired by the folding of traditional papers and can also be used for various wearable 3D printing products. New bandages are made by 3D printing of special-shaped molds. Gel RubberThe team developed this material to remain tacky for a long ti...
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Updated: 2018 - 04 - 08
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