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Since the “300,000 RMB bracelet broken incident”, a “most expensive selfie in history ” has caused great repercussions overseas.A Chinese overseas student took a selfie in an exhibition California , he accidentally hit the booth when he was kneeling down .The booth collapsed in turn like domino .The sponsor organized this exhibition in California. This exhibition mainly displayed the crown works through 3D printing. The estimated loss of the exhibition was 1.35 million RMB as the Chinese student accidentally collided with the booth and led to the collapse of the booth.Just as everyone was beginning to discuss enthusiastically how to settle the 1.35 million RMB loss , Birch, the designer of crown ,made a sound :there is no need to compensate .This is beyond everyone’s imagination .lift up y...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 02
Tencent Technology News According to foreign media reports, Adrian Keppler, CEO of industrial technology service provider EOS, said in an interview on Thursday that 3D printing technology can change the construction industry, but this technology The rate of popularity has been slow because people do not know enough about this technology.Kepler said that the construction industry may be changed because of 3D printing technology, but business owners do not understand this technology, which affects the promotion of this technology.He said: "People don't understand it. They have a hard time understanding what this means for their company."Kepler said that 3D printing technology can be used to manufacture light components, which may benefit car manufacturers because the automotive ind...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 09
It is said that printing a ceramic tile with a 3D printer can have a 3D effect. How about the effect? Let us take a closer look at it today.3d image printed by 3d printerDo you think this is the way out of mounds? Then you are wrong! This is a genuine tile! !Have you ever seen this backdrop?That's right, these are the contributions of 3d printers.What is the principle of 3D printing?People's eyes are about 6-7 cm apart. When two eyes look at an object, they are two slightly different images seen from different angles. The brain will change the focus of the two eyes to coincide the two images, which can present 3D effects. A parallax-like image creates a three-dimensional sensation after synthesis. However, because of the fact that the plane image that we usually see is exactly the same ang...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 08
When it comes to bees, most people think of nothing more than collecting honey and acupuncture at the first time, while foreign engineers have drawn inspiration from the bees' tail acupuncture. They used 3D printing technology to develop new types of surgical needles. They have studied the needle-like protrusions of insects such as wasps and mosquitoes, and finally chose the bees' stings as the basis for the new design.The bees on the tail of the bee have barbed hooks. It will penetrate the skin relatively straight into the tissue, and this effect is exactly what the engineers want to achieve. They used a microscope to carefully observe the position of the needle and take it out for study.The shape of the bees and stings is in full compliance with the requirements of the researchers. They ...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 07
As we all know, Wohlers Associates is recognized as one of the best 3D printing industry market research institutions in the world. Their detailed annual report on the state of the 3D printing industry - Wohlers Report 2018 - shows a significant increase in metal additive manufacturing (AM) this year. With the AM industry's market exceeding US$7.3 billion, 21% of steady growth has attracted investors’ attention.Although some industry reports focused on forecasting the market, the Wohlers report compiled details of how many 3D printers actually sell each year. According to the new report, about 1,768 metal AM systems were sold in 2017, and in 2016, the system sales volume was 983, an increase of nearly 80%.This growth is not just on the machine, more companies are also making machines. The ...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 06
With the continuous development of new technologies, the application of “3D printing” has become more and more widespread. For example, industrial design, dental and medical industries, construction engineering, information systems, aerospace, etc., 3D printing has gradually penetrated into every aspect of our lives. Today Xiao Bian took everyone to look at the five black scientific and technological achievements on 3D printing.1. Cost $1 3D Print Water PurifierA project in Paris named Faircap uses its open source 3D printing water purifier to provide people with clean drinking water to help solve the problem of human water resources.This water purifier can be screwed directly onto the spout of a standard PET kettle and can filter out the dirtiest particles, chemicals, bacteria and vi...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 05
What will your baby look like in the future?Every parent and child can't wait to knowEven if he is blind€€As technology advances3d printing becomes more and more matureBaby can also be printed in 3dEmbryo 3D in Russia first developed this technology€€Mothers of Ufa in Western RussiaNow you can enjoy 3d fetal print service€€Doctor scans the fetus in the abdomen with ultrasoundUltrasound will look like babyDraw it outModeling in ComputerLast upload printFinished, the baby came outExactly the same as in the stomachAfter an experienced pregnant mother expressed"This feeling is really amazing."Obviously not born babyAs if it was already bornI can not only see it with my own eyesI can touch it with my handNot only that3D Printing Technology Successfully Saves Baby's Life3D printing com...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 04
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