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Recently , a 3D printing pavilion appeared in ONEC1TY community under construction and development in Tennessee, USA. The pavilion is about 6 meters ( 20 feet ) high and spans 12.8 meters ( 42 feet ).  The ONEC1TY community announced that it is currently the largest 3D printing structure in the world.  Whether or not this architectural work is the largest 3D printing structure at present, the digital design and 3D printing manufacturing technology behind it have conveyed a clean and automatic construction concept to people. Perhaps, many buildings in the future can be built by this kind of digital technology that is far away from dust and noise.The pavilion that " printed" in factory and assembled on siteThe pavilion is not an integral 3D printing structure, it is assem...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 25
On July 17, the 95th " Tourism Grand Class " was held in the special exhibition hall of the China 3D printing culture museum in Shanghai. This is the first time that advanced manufacturing culture has entered the view of Shanghai tourists under the promotion of the concept of global tourism in Shanghai. At the lecture on the theme " the future of 3d printing culture", Julie, director of China's 3D printing culture museum, popularized the scientific knowledge of " 3D printing " to hundreds of people in the tourism industry in Shanghai. She introduced briefly the application cases of 3D printing technology in industrial manufacturing, new energy vehicles, medical treatment, architectural design and other fields, she also conducted an in-depth discussion on ...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 21
Ceramics, as a symbol of Chinese culture, has a history of several thousand years. Chinese invented pottery as early as the Neolithic age . After the development of various dynasties, ceramic have been exported to the world since the Tang and Song dynasties.Wooden boats that full of ceramic,  sailed to various parts of the world under the influence of monsoons. Thus, in the eyes of westerners, ceramic has become an image symbol of Chinese people.After a long period of reform and development, China's modern ceramic art rose in the late 1970s. Nowadays, modern ceramic art is increasingly occupying an important position in the public life. When 3D printing appeared, modern artists turned their eyes to this revolutionary technology. Using the traditional firing technology and unlimited cr...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 20
As we all know, most of the cultural relics, especially those outside, have weathered and are still weathering after hundreds of years or even thousands of years of wind and sunshine. If they are not protected in time and the cultural relics data are obtained, their elegant demeanour will disappear forever.However, with the development of 3D printing technology and 3D scanning technology, it is possible to establish " cultural relic data files" in digital form. At present, our country is making great efforts to promote the digitalization process of museums, many museums and relic restoration workers try to use 3D printing and 3D scanning technology to " back to life" fragmented relics and continue to pass on them while restoring them.The Square Zun with Four Sheep is th...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 18
Recently , a new military unmanned aerial vehicle has been successfully manufactured using 3d printing technology.This is a completely new technology aimed at responding to the different needs of frontline soldiers in the shortest possible time meanwhile reducing the cost of equipment. After the computer design is completed, the 3d printer will make the necessary UAV parts and then assemble the off-the-shelf electronic devices needed for specific tasks, which can be delivered for use.The unmanned aerial vehicle is called Scout and is a small fixed-wing surveillance unmanned aerial vehicle. Scout is easy to use, lightweight and easy to carry.  It can be divided into four to five parts and packed into a backpack. the whole assembly process should not exceed 3 minutes.3D printing technol...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 18
According to foreign media reports on June 15, Michelin recently releases a non-pneumatic concept tire that uses 3D printing technology , Visionary Concept .The whole tire uses a honeycomb structure ,which is a form of “imitation of the natural growth process of plants , minerals and even animals in nature” as described by the company .Due to the use of cold curing 3D printing technology , the tire surface can be designed by the owner himself .The owner can perform simple operations in the car ,and the machine can print a new tire tread in real time .The tire can send the tire tread wear information to the car ,and the car can reprint the tire tread according to the road conditions.Terry Gettys, the vice president of research and development ,pointed out that the technology ...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 11
ClearCaps is a brand of transparent orthodontic appliance in Germany .Recently , ClearCaps is using 3D printer to realize rapid mass production .In the process of production ,3D software is also used to plan and track cases .    Jesse Bartels , the founder of ClearCaps ,want to improve 3D printer , so he chose Structo 3D printer that driven by MSLA(MaskStereolithography) .“We have always been at the forefront of new technologies and have continuously brought excellent therapeutic results ,” Jesse said.” In order to meet the requirements of high-quality and large-scale production , we need to develop 3D printer that can realize rapid mass production and rapidly increase the output . Two years ago ,we were optimistic about MSLA technology.”DentaForm ,the newest 3D printer...
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Updated: 2018 - 07 - 10
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