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1, the industry outlook

A new round of science and technology and industrial revolutions are sprouting around the world, and countries in the world have adopted additive manufacturing as a new growth point for future industrial development and promoted the accelerated integration of additive manufacturing technologies and information network technologies, new material technologies, and new design concepts. The global manufacturing and consumption model has begun to reshape, and 3D printing will usher in huge opportunities for development. Currently, 3D industry maintains rapid development with an average annual growth rate of over 30%.

2, cooperation conditions

Recognizing the company's corporate culture, we are willing to work with the company to expand the market, actively promote the company's product sales, have passion, have the desire to grow together with the company and establish long-term cooperation, and achieve win-win cooperation.

3, cooperation process

1. Ask the relevant salesman for the “Application Form for Innocent Agent's Intent” and fill in the relevant company information.

2. After the two parties communicate, determine the cooperation method and relevant policy clauses

3. Sign the cooperation agreement.

4, issue authorization qualifications

Fill in the "Application Form of Innocent Agent's Intention" → Confirm cooperation policy through communication → Sign the contract → Issue authorization qualification

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