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With the continuous development of new technologies, the application of “3D printing” has become more and more widespread. For example, industrial design, dental and medical industries, construction engineering, information systems, aerospace, etc., 3D printing has gradually penetrated into every aspect of our lives. Today Xiao Bian took everyone to look at the five black scientific and technological achievements on 3D printing.1. Cost $1 3D Print Water PurifierA project in Paris named Faircap uses its open source 3D printing water purifier to provide people with clean drinking water to help solve the problem of human water resources.This water purifier can be screwed directly onto the spout of a standard PET kettle and can filter out the dirtiest particles, chemicals, bacteria and vi...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 05
What will your baby look like in the future?Every parent and child can't wait to knowEven if he is blind€€As technology advances3d printing becomes more and more matureBaby can also be printed in 3dEmbryo 3D in Russia first developed this technology€€Mothers of Ufa in Western RussiaNow you can enjoy 3d fetal print service€€Doctor scans the fetus in the abdomen with ultrasoundUltrasound will look like babyDraw it outModeling in ComputerLast upload printFinished, the baby came outExactly the same as in the stomachAfter an experienced pregnant mother expressed"This feeling is really amazing."Obviously not born babyAs if it was already bornI can not only see it with my own eyesI can touch it with my handNot only that3D Printing Technology Successfully Saves Baby's Life3D printing com...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 04
Nowadays, the development of science and technology has become more and more surprising. In particular, the emergence of 3D printing technology has led to a technological revolution.An amazing 3D printed biomimetic muscle prosthetic HACK berry, developed by Japan's exii company, has made it possible for many people with disabilities to live like normal people.This biomimetic prosthetic limb has a very flexible and agile wrist, so that it can make it perform more movements, such as tying shoelaces, turning books, etc. Biomimetic electromyographic prostheses can be easily completed.And the fingers of this biomimetic electrosurgical limb can make different "pick up" and "grip" actions according to different objects. For example, a ball can be caught and a spoon or fork can...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 02
The plan to build a bridge in mid-air sounds always complex, professional and even crazy. So what are more advanced and faster bridge construction methods? The MX3D team from Amsterdam presented a new construction plan: the world's first bridge built using 3D printing. It is made of a brand new steel material with a span of 40 feet and will be installed in De Wallen, the largest and most famous red light district in Amsterdam, early next year. Its appearance also looks completely refined, as if it were from alien technology.The newly printed bridge will be returned from a larger facility outside the city to the MX3D workshop in the north of Amsterdam. There, a team of designers and engineers who have been working on this project for many years will test the integrity of the bridge and add ...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 01
Researchers at Harvard and MIT have proposed a simple method for 3D printing of highly detailed human brain models in less than an hour - the cost of only a small fraction of low-quality products and Manpower.In theory, medical imaging technologies such as MRI and CT scan can produce high-resolution images and use them as a series of “slices”, which just fits the working principle of 3D printers. These printers also use Slice print. However, Steven Keating, an MIT graduate, found that when he wanted to examine his brain after surgical removal of a baseball-sized tumor, the current method was too cumbersome and time-consuming, and failed to accurately reveal important features.Steven Keating collaborated with a team of scientists, including Dr. James Weaver, a senior research scientist at t...
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Updated: 2018 - 06 - 01
In recent years, biological therapy has attracted increasing attention from scholars at home and abroad. In particular, stem cell technology has made great breakthroughs in the field of biological therapy. Stem cells have brought gratifying results in both immunotherapy and clinical treatment, and the maturity of 3D technology has opened the curtain for the two-dimensional and three-dimensional upgrade of stem cells, which is expected to drive the biological innovation revolution and bring human medical technology. The new upgrade. So what impact will 3D technology bring to the future development of biotherapies? On these issues, Dr. Ren Wei, a senior consultant of the Shirre Life Group and a senior expert on virtual reality 3D technology, was interviewed.3D technology promotes stem cell t...
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Updated: 2018 - 05 - 31
Children's Day is coming right now. Did the children's gifts be chosen by their mothers? Xiaobian recommends a gift to moms - 3d printer.Since 3D printing, many nao (dong) devices that only exist on computers have been presented. In your impression, 3D printing still exists only in the experience hall?Desktop-level 3D printers are beginning to gain popularity. It seems that 3D printing has become more and more commonplace. Many families have taken the lead in using 3D printers. Ms. Chen, who lives in Shenzhen, recently bought her child a desktop 3D printer.Ms. Chen said that in fact, buy a desktop printer is not expensive, but he did not understand this piece so hesitated, and now bought and found that children completely fell in love with their own print toys, but also allow children to l...
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Updated: 2018 - 05 - 30
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